LaLani sells only 100% Indian Remy human hair for wigs, weaves and extensions using our hi-tech " double lock infusion technology"
We offer the highest quality virgin Indian Remy human hair available any where. Luxurious Indian Remy hair extensions at affordable prices.

We only sell our hair to authorized dealer salons in the U.S. and overseas.
We find that only a trained stylist can recommend the proper hair type and style and extension application technique for the client's complete satisfaction. This includes ongoing maintenance which all hair extensions require. We do not sell to Beauty Supply stores or in bulk to wholesalers.

We are currently looking for salons to be dealers in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennesee, and Kentucky.

We are also speaking to salons in London, Paris, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar.

If you would like to be considered for our dealer program please send an email to:  and include some information about your salon business, your services, your experiences offering hair to your clients, and your knowledge of current weave/extension infusion techniques.

LALANI HAIR is all natural 100% Remi, 100% human hair from India or Mongolia which has been permanently dyed and beautifully conditioned to be the softest most luxurious hair you have ever used in a weave or extension. There is no "fallen hair", animal hair, or synthetic hair mixed or "blended" in with this premium grade human hair to cheapen it or degrade the use and wear of it.  Cheap hair weaves will tangle and mat or frizz and melt in a few weeks, but LaLani hair will last for months and months.  We are the hair which normally costs hundreds of dollars a bag for just a few dollars more than the best hair you can buy at the Beauty Supply stores.  But don't look for us there because we only sell out hair in Salons by hair professionals who know what good hair is!

I have always been the hair weave wearing type of girl, but I must say Lalani's 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair is by far the best hair i've ever used in my whole life. I've already worn it for 3 months, washed it over 10 times, curled it, styled (with hot rollers) and my hair still looks as good as the day it came out of the package. I get compliments on the hair and girls are always asking me what kind of hair I used and where can they get it because they love, love, love my hair. They want it! And the stylists who've cut (layered) and styled my hair, actually compliment the Lalani brand as they've styled worked with it saying how great the hair looks and feels and how amazing it reacts to styling with heat, unlike any other brand they have worked with.  Lalani is the only brand I will wear now, and it feels good to actually have some excellent, long-lasting and manageable hair that i can easily take care of and don't have to worry about it messing up in any type way! My Lalani hair flows and I would recommend this Grade "A",  top quality hair.

Montgomery, Alabama

This Lalani hair doesn't shed like other brands and that's very important to my boyfriend, who hates the shedding.

Saint Petersburg, Florida

I love!!! this hair. Once you go Lalani remy u never go back lol.. I can't describe how happy I am with this hair. It looks so natural. Buy this product you won't be dissappointed.

Saint Petersburg, Florida

This is my daughter who is home from college and loves the hair. She has never been an extension wearer, but swears she is wearing this hair until she graduates...ha lol three more years, she is hilarious.

Jessica Crumb
Stylist and Salon Owner
Design Savvy Salon
St. Petersburg, Florida

I am an au natural girl. Been that way for years. Well recently, I took a chance and decided it was time for a change. With a little consulting from a close friend, he suggested human hair weave "Blonde Mix", Lalani brand. Blonde? Me? Well, why not! With courage I took the hair to my stylist at SPONY in Augusta Georgia. She washed, treated, and braided my own hair. Then they did a sew-in weave with the Lalani hair and gave me soft flowing curls. I noticed the Lalani hair, has a beautiful shine and curled easily. With it being human hair, I can style it anyway I want and get several looks from the same hair. I have now been wearing Lalani for 3 weeks and it hasn't shed, become dull or tangled. I have washed it and re-styled it, the hair still holds up and looks as good as the day I got it. I can honestly say, Lalani hair is my favorite brand of hair. Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my hair. My first reaction is "Thanks, it's Lalani, 100% Human Remi Hair!".

Augusta, Georgia

Adding Hair Extensions the LaLani Double-Lock Way

The new LaLani Double-Lock pre-tipped micro-link extension technology lets your authorized LaLani Dealer Salon infuse your natural hair with beautiful, luxurious, premium 100% natural human Remy hair in exactly the best way to give you maximum dramatic and glamourous effect without the use of Keratin or glue in half the time it takes to braid and sew in tracks.